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About the book

This is the story of Radha and Kartik who fall in love after their engagement.Their family brings them together and they Seperate them for the sake of ego. The story has reflections of love life of different couples and their struggle through creating a balance between their desires and the society. How Indian middle class couple can't openly admit the love in front of their parents despite in arranged marriage is well depicted. The life of Radha is similar to that of most of the Indian girls and Kartik relates to many Indian boys who try to bring equilibrium between their love and their family and always portraying interest of the family above their beau.But often fail keeping both happy. The novel focuses on many issues underlying in the middle class society of India showing how material aspirations drive people to commit foolish blunders. How they get stuck in a dysfunctional setups of relationships. How the economical revolution brought a transformation into the Indian marriage system... The novel is fictional story connecting people from all across and breaking the vintage social system of arranged marriage and much more.. only to realize that the cultural values of each household is so imbedded within the deep realities and the acceptance of change doesn’t come easy. The simple language of novel will make it a lucid read for anyone and everyone.

About The Author

Coming from a small town, Dhariwal, and lived in Delhi and Bangalore, Sonali is well versed with social dynamics of diverse culture of India from rural to urban. Inspired by William Shakespeare and his style of articulating, she started following him and started writing poems at the age of 14.Walking through the course of competitive career, she pursued her MBA in Marketing but love for writing never stopped her from writing for friends and family whenever they needed. She worked into Corporate Communications and landed as lecturer Of Marketing and English language. With Global experience meeting people from different places, she has managed to understand the sentiments and demographic effects on people's thought process. From a cosmopolitan lifestyle to that of the yore, she relates with people and articulate their lives in her words making her writings a joyful reading.

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